Soenen - Visitor registration with barcode scanner and printer

A paper visitor’s register is no longer of this digital age. Soenen Golfkarton also knew that. They opted for a 22-inch cardboard Tablet Kiosk with a customized design and integrated barcode scanner and printer. After registration, visitors immediately receive a personalized badge.

Faster check-in and check-out
The badge is provided with the name of the visitor and a barcode. The right employee will be informed of his or her visit via e-mail. When leaving the company, visitors can just as easily check out by scanning their badge again. Quick and efficient.

Online attendance list
The company always has an up-to-date attendance list of visitors. They are immediately informed upon arrival about the safety, privacy and quality policy of Soenen Golfkarton. The software is very user-friendly and makes it possible to adjust all content quickly.

Cnudde Packaging - The Tablet Kiosk: customized digital check-in counter

Cnudde Packaging is the market leader in the Benelux for the packaging and distribution of egg packaging. Every day dozens of visitors and transporters of all nationalities come to the company. Registering so many people can be challenging ... without a Tablet Kiosk.

ISO and GDPR compliant
The Tablet Kiosk is like a digital check-in counter. The registration process has now been professionalized and digitized in accordance with ISO and GDPR. Visitors can easily check in and out via a personalized badge via this counter kiosk, equipped with a barcode scanner and printer.

Reusable badge
Drivers who visit regularly can reuse their badge and log in and out until a certain date. Cnudde always has a digital overview of who is present when and why, and can immediately handle the administrative formalities of the carriers.


Soncotra - The Tablet Kiosk: revolution in visitor registration

Transport company Soncotra has various official certifications. From ISO to GDPR. To meet these strict quality standards, Soncotra is required to digitally register all visitors on the company site. That is why they opted for an innovative Tablet Kiosk.

Multilingual interface
Soncotra receives dozens of foreign visitors every day. From customers and leads to international drivers. A user-friendly and multilingual interface in the visitor’s mother tongue (from Dutch and English to Polish and Russian) makes misunderstandings impossible from now on.

Now at every entrance
A contemporary Tablet Kiosk not only proves its added value at the reception. At Soncotra, a copy has recently been added to every unmanned entrance that clearly informs visitors about Soncotra’s privacy, quality and safety policy. The positive responses speak for themselves.

Essent (Energy) - The Tablet Kiosk: contemporary visitor registration

Those who used to visit the offices of energy supplier Essent received an old-fashioned name card, made up at the reception. Recently you will find a modern Tablet Kiosk. This allows visitors to the site to digitally register and receive a personalized badge.

Fast and accurate
Essent logs who, when and for whom he or she is present via an administrative module. No first or last name is spelled incorrectly. The fully automated system not only saves time for employees and management, but also for the visitor.

Smooth and multilingual
The system offers a smooth, user-friendly and multilingual user experience, while it highlights Essent as a modern, digital-minded enterprise. Thanks to its aesthetic design, the Tablet Kiosk is an added value for every company that regularly receives visitors.

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